CWDM/DWDM from Switzerland

Deltanet hat sich dank konstant hoher Qualität beim Service und den angebotenen Lösungen einen hervorragenden Namen als System-Integrator geschaffen. Die langjährige Erfahrung in der Datenkommunikation nutzt sie um das Lösungs-Portfolio mit Produkten aus eigener Fertigung zu ergänzen.

Behind the Lambdaline family of devices lies a whole range of solutions for reliable data transmission via fiber.

Lambdaway and Lambdatrail are compact and cost-effective CWDM/DWDM solutions for multiple uses of fiber links. While Lambdaway is entirely passive, Lambdatrail is an active WDM solution.
The devices are ideal for data center interconnects and connections with data transfer capabilities for Fibre Channel (up to FC16) and Ethernet (up to 100 Gbps) per channel and carrier-class quality.

Lambdaamp (optical amplifier), Lambdacomp (dispersion compensator) and Lambdaprotect (line switch) extend the solution possibilities of the multiplexers.

Optical TAP
Lambdatap ISMM is an optical In-Service Monitoring Module (ISMM) and provides transparent and interference-free access even to active fiber links.

Detailed info can be found on the Lambdaline website.
PS Do you already know our free and informative Fiber brochure? Detailed info can be found on the Lambdaline website. PS Do you already know our free and informative Fiber brochure?

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