Cloud: from the server to the application

Zuverlässige Cloud-Services für nutzungsbasierte Abrechnung

Reliable cloud services for usage-based billing

Computer systems in the form of servers, data storage and applications, are central building blocks for every modern company. With our cloud services, we offer our customers the option of purchasing these components flexibly as required, without having to concern themselves with infrastructure operation and maintenance. We believe system security is of vital importance.

Our cloud service enables you to acquire the necessary server and storage capacities with billing based on usage. You only pay for what you use, with no hidden costs. The operation and maintenance of this infrastructure is left to our IT specialists.

However, it is not only basic services such as servers and storage that can be accessed directly from the Delta cloud; we can supply cloud-based applications too.

Through our technology partnership with MGM, a leading provider of cloud-based low-code applications, we provide a powerful Enterprise Low-Code platform in the cloud. This allows users to directly define the handling of their business objects and workflows. Using the data first principle, technical relationships are simply “clicked together” in the user interface (UI). The separation of the technical description and the application itself enables a high degree of flexibility in application development and maintenance.

Let our specialists advise you in developing a tailor-made solution for your IT infrastructure.

You can find more information about the Delta cloud on our dedicated Delta cloud website:, or contact us to jointly work out the ideal option for your requirements.

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