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Multiservice transport from Primus

RAD Data Communications is a manufacturer and global supplier of access devices. Its headquarters are in Israel.

RAD is a leader in the development and implementation of groundbreaking technologies such as:

  • D-NFV (distributed network functions virtualization)
  • Cyber security for SCADA applications
  • Miniaturized hardware solutions in SFP format (MiCLK 1588 Grandmaster, MiNID Miniature Network Interface, MiRICi Ethernet over SDH/PDH, MiTOP E1/E3 over Ethernet, etc.)
  • Timing synchronization over packet switched networks

With its comprehensive product portfolio, RAD enables solutions in the following areas:

  • Multiservice transport via different media, for electricity, gas and water suppliers, and transport companies, including “SCADA aware security” functions
  • Carrier Ethernet access and aggregation, up to 10 G and synchronous Ethernet
  • Mobile Backhaul (GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE)
  • Multi Standard Pseudowire (TDMoIP, CESoPSN, CESoETH, SAToP, HDLCoPSN)
  • E1, STM-1, CrossConnect, SDH, E3, E1 multiplexers, and access and aggregation nodes
  • License-exempt directional radio up to 250 Mbps full duplex, and point-to-point / point-to-multipoint

We are an authorized partner with more than 20 years’ experience in these products and services.

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