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Deltanet AG

A new website with the same competence


Having been established for almost 30 years, Deltanet has evolved from a consulting and service company to one of the most dependable and innovative system integrators for data communication and networks.

Keeping up with the latest developments and looking ahead to the future is how we operate in every respect. Taking yet another digital step into the future, we are pleased to present our new website.

Launched in April 2022, has a new, up-to-date and innovative look. With the rebranding, one of our objectives was to generally raise awareness of Deltanet’s innovations in digital form. The website showcases a company that is characterized by a high level of service, demonstrating its wealth of experience on a daily basis.

However, a new look does not mean new service. Despite the revised image, you enjoy the same competence and expertise. A subsidiary of Axpo WZ-Systems AG, we are proud to highlight this merger with our new layout and color concept.

A symbol of unity

With the rebranding process, we believed it was important to have a meaningful new logo. This is a distinctive feature that reflects the core values of Deltanet, placing our skills at the forefront.

Delta is a symbol of unity, not difference: three equal sides of a triangle, characterized by our three main competencies:

  • A high level of professional competence
  • Needs-oriented
  • Unique and personal service

As part of Axpo WZ-Systems, we have adapted the color of our Deltanet logo to their new look. This is another shared representation of connection and energy.

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